Could you Describe yourself and what you're up to please ?
I m a total easy person who is driven by Rock n Roll, Passion and being either lazy or creative. After the last few Shameless shows i took some time to visit a few KISS shows which was a lot of fun.

First album you received as a gift ? (all kinds of music)
Elvis Presley Live at Madison Square Garden when i was 4. That totally changed my life

That band you loved, love and know you'll still love in the future (the band you could never stop listening to)
KISS - There is no other band like them

First album you bought and how old were you ?  (Hard Rock / Heavy Metal).
KISS Alive II when i was 8. I was so blown away by the artwork and the gatefold

First band/artist you saw live? (Hard Rock / Heavy Metal)
KISS in 1980 with opening band Iron Maiden

Five essentials albums you'd brought with you on a desert island ? (any genre of music)
KISS - Destroyer
Paul Stanley - 1978 Solo Album
King Of The Hill - Debut
The Knack - Get the Knack
Motley True - Too Fast for Love

Best memories related to Hard Rock / Heavy Metal ?
So many of them. Seeing KISS for the first time when i was a kid. Eric Singer helping me to put my band back together in 1998, playing in Auckland New Zealand last year

Is there something personal you regret, related with Hard Rock or Heavy Metal ?
That i never saw the Ramones. Shame on me

Last album you had a crush on?
Bowling for Soup - Drunken Dynasty (such a great fun album)

Can you give me the first word or expression that comes to your mind when someone evoke these bands ? :
AC/DC : I was never a fan of them. I think a lot of their music sounds exactly the same and i never understood the hype about them. I like some of their songs but i can count those on 1 hand.

METALLICA : I hated that band when i was kids but over the last 10 years i really got into them after watching some of the documentaries about them. Lars Ulrich might not be the greatest drummer but he knows exactly what he wants.  I met James Hetfield 2 years ago at a festival with KISS and talked with him about a few things. He is a really cool guy

KISS : the greatest band ever

IRON MAIDEN : I like some of their music but was never a big fan of them

GUNS N ROSES : I liked them in the beginning but by the time the Illusion records came out i lost interest in them.But i still love their early stuff. I always preferred LA Guns

MOTLEY CRUE : Their first 2 records are so awesome. "Too fast for love" might not have the best production but that album has so much personality and so many great songs.